Scent Saints Wax Melts

I first discovered Scent Saints on Instagram and was lucky enough to be picked as one of their product testers! These wax melts are handmade with Vegan-friendly Eco-soy wax. These melts come in so many different colours and scents with an added touch of glitter – because lets face it who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle! Scent Saints are open to any scent requests you may also have, so you are sure to find the perfect melt for you!


This is the box I was lucky enough to receive for testing purposes, the wax melts came lovingly packaged for transport and beautifully presented. My all time favourite scents are sweet foodie smells so I was really happy as soon as I opened the box and got hit with the gorgeous smells from the ‘Sweet tooth selection’ box.


Now scent pay off and longevity………one little wax melt can fill the entire downstairs of my home with a delicious scent. I’ve never experienced one losing its scent even after burning and re burning several times. These wax melts last a lot longer than some brands I’ve tried in the past!


I love using these wax melts in my home so much so I have since repurchased! They are really affordable and would even make fab little presents for friends & family. My absolute favourite is ‘Sweet Vanilla Taffy’. If wax melts arn’t your thing they also do the scents in candles – these are next on my list to try! I’d highly recommend Scent Saints for their wax melts and customer service!

You can find Scent Saints here and also if you would like to keep an eye Scents Saints Instagram for new products & scents click here.

If you’ve tried Scent Saints wax melts which ones your favourite?

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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