Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer – Review

Do you ever wonder why you leave the house smelling of your fancy perfume but by lunch time it’s completely worn off?! If like me most of your favourite perfumes are Eau de toilette that will be why!

An Eau de toilette has around 10% of aromatic ingredients, therefore within 3 – 4 hours is when you can expect the last traces of perfume to drift away.


I recently purchased a new perfume from The perfume shop and when doing so I picked up this little perfume atomizer from ‘Flo’.

This Flo atomizer is compatible with all perfume bottles and allows you to take your favorite perfume with you anywhere you go.

I was a little apprehensive to start spraying my brand new perfume willy-nilly into this device and potentially doing it wrong and wasting precious perfume but to my surprise it was really easy to do, I simply had to unscrew the bottom half of the atomizer and place over the nozzle area of my perfume of choice and spray! simple!


*Travel friendly – Airline carry-on approved.

*Being able to freshen up without carrying heavy glass perfume bottles around.

*Easy to use – no funnel needed.

*Flo atomizer stores your perfume in glass which preserves its purity and protects against skin irritation.

*Re-usable – simply wash atomizer out when you want to change the perfume.

*Capacity 5ml/0.17oz – 77 sprays.


Overall for £7.99 I’m really impressed with this perfume atomizer. It was so simple to use and mess & leak free, I will be purchasing a second one as I like to switch up my perfume daily. This is definitely going to come in handy with any weekends away and holidays over the summer months.

You can buy a Flo refillable perfume atomizer from, Here. Flo do lots of different colours and designs to suit everyone.

Do you already use a perfume atomizer? If so what brand of atomizer do you like?

Thanks for popping by

Vicky xx

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