Threads & Co Lashes – Review

I’ve been really excited to try these lashes that Threads & Co kindly sent me to review, I was lucky enough to receive two pairs of Lashes. The names of the sets I have are Red Cherri Lashes & Angel Eye Lashes.


I’m a massive false eyelash fan, a great pair of lashes can really frame your eye and be the perfect finishing touch to your make up. My natural eyelashes leave a lot to be desired, I’ve never seen such sparse, short eyelashes – except for when I look in the mirror!! I usually tend to pick a natural more subtle lash, I’ll be honest even tho I’m a big falsie lover I’ve never tried such a full lash as these Threads & Co lashes.

Each little eyelash box contains 1 set of re-usable lashes and 1 tube of glue. I apply my lashes with tweezers because this is what works best for me.


I decided to try the ‘Red Cherri Lashes’ first. When I measured up before gluing I was really pleased to discover I don’t have to cut these lashes down – Hallelujah!! – I’m forever cutting down lashes to make them fit me, these however are the perfect size. I used the glue supplied with the lashes from Threads and after 30 seconds (ish) I started to pop onto my lash line. This lashes fitted the curve of my eye really well and the glue held, I had no pinging up ends or sliding lashes.


Overall I absolutely love these lashes and I’ve received several compliments when I’ve been wearing them. They applied so well and only took the one attempt, sometimes I can be faffing over the application for so long I give up but they were easy to apply. The glue holds all day – I haven’t had to pull the glue out once to stick any corners down. The ‘Red Cherri Lashes’ are comfortable, look awesome and make me feel really good. I’m so glad I tried a fuller false lash 🙂


These lashes are only £9 a set and can be purchased here, Threads&Co. They have plenty of designs to choose from. I’m looking forward to trying the ‘Angel Eye Lashes’, I’ll post a picture on my Instagram of them on soon.


A good set of lashes aren’t just for nights out, they are for everyday!

Have you tried these lashes? If so whats your favorite pair?

Thank you for popping by.

Vicky xx



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