How I clean my make up brushes

Cleaning make up brushes is a bit of a chore and I imagine isn’t how most people want to spend their evenings. However, unwashed make up brushes will have a build up of bacteria, oil and dirt on them. Dirty brushes will lead to numerous skin problems, such as blemishes and skin reactions.

Apparently 72% of woman don’t wash make up brushes! yikes! Why would you want to spread bacteria all over your face! Maybe you skip washing your brushes because you don’t know how or your worried about ruining them?

I don’t use any expensive lotions, potions or gadgets for my make up brushes – and they are all still in really good condition, so if you would like to know how I keep my brushes clean – keep reading!


What you will need:

Baby shampoo

Anti bacteria soap

Elastic bands



Step 1: grab a bowl and pop roughly two tbsp of baby shampoo and one pump of anti bacteria soap and mix together. If you have a lot of brushes adjust accordingly.

Step 2: Make sure your sink is full of warm clean water, Grab your brush and damp it slightly in the lukewarm water and then dip into soap mixture. Next work the mixture into the brush gently using the palm of your hand and fingers – I make circle motions around my palm. Continue this until the brush is make up free, using the sink of water to lather when needed.

Step 3: once you’ve finished all your brushes you wish to wash empty the sink and leave the lukewarm water running and rinse each brush off to assure you’ve removed all soap residue and the water runs clear. Repeat step 2 if there is still make up coming from your brush.

Step 4: Grab a clean hand towel and pat dry, brush all the bristle down as you would want them to dry.

Step 5: Using the elastic ties start arranging your make up brushes on to the hanger, loop elastic ties around the hanger and slip each brush into place – I always try to avoid the brushes touching. Now your brushes are secured to the hanger leave to dry over night – being on hanger means you can move them around which is always handy if you think they might dry quicker somewhere else.


A few tips

*You don’t need to buy branded baby shampoo – any baby shampoo will do (supermarket brand is just as good). One thing I’ve learnt as a Mum branded isn’t always best!

*Make sure you keep the brush bristle-side down throughout the washing process, if water gets down the brush handle it will loosen the glue and the bristles will start to fall out.

*You don’t have to use a hanger, you could attach brushes to bathroom towel rail radiator (if it’s not on) – as long as they are left upside down to dry so any water is able to escape!

*If you brushes are feeling a little dry you can use a little bit of olive oil.


I hope you have found this blog helpful 🙂 Thank you for popping by!

Any questions feel free to ask

Vicky xx



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