Caudalie Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream – Review

So I guess you may be wondering why the hell I’m using a moisture recovery cream on my oily combination skin……let me explain!


My skin had completely dried out from the chilly weather we had this winter here in the U.K. The appearance of my skin was looking rather dehydrated and flaky especially when I applied my make up. I’m not going to lie, I woke up one morning and felt like I had aged 10 years (ok, maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic)  – but when skin becomes dehydrated it can appear more ‘wrinkly’ than it actually is……….turns out I just needed a good dose of moisture in my life!!

I popped down to my local Space NK and picked up a few free samples of this moisture recovery cream. Far to many times I’ve brought full size products before testing and they have gone unused because my skin didn’t like them. Space NK are always great for samples and I have discovered all my favourite skin care products in Space NK because of the vast range they stock.

Caudalie claims this Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream will comfort and nourish the skin deeply. Restoring the hydrolipidic film and strengthening the skin barrier functions. Skin feels soft and supple, perfectly comfortable all day long. This velvety and extremely natural cream (97%) supplies dry skin with the exact dose of plant lipid nutrients required for the skin to feel nourished and soft.


So here’s my verdict……

As you can see from the picture I went back and brought the full size tube of this cream so It must have been good!

The cream is extremely moisturising but yet feels really light on the skin and soaks in well. I love the scent, its pleasant and not over powering. The texture is non greasy and I really like the packaging (because it’s pink, of course) . I’ve been using this cream for nearly a month now, My skin is softer, foundation is sitting a million times better on me and I’m less congested on my chin.

This moisturiser is £23 for 40ML – which I think is really reasonable, now my skin is a lot more hydrated I only need to apply this cream once a day currently.


 Overall I absolutely love this product and would recommend if you have skin in need of a moisture boost! The cream makes an amazing make up base, smells great and nourishes my skin.

Tip: Apply your moisturiser within 3 minutes of stepping out of the bath or shower, as this is when it will be most effective on your skin!

Hope you enjoyed this review, Have you ever tried this cream? Would you recommend any other Caudalie products?

Thank you for reading!

Vicky xx

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