Moustaches Are For Men! – Hair Removal

I recently purchased this Nair Hair Removal – Upper Lip Kit for dry and sensitive skin. I’ve never used hair removal cream on my face before, but wanted to try an alternative to waxing. This hair removal kit claims to have natural Argan oil and leave you with smooth, moisturised skin for up to 7 days.

Inside the packet you get two tubes each containing 20ml of product, one is the hair removal product and the other is a fragrance free moisturiser. The kit is really easy to use and only takes 3 minutes. The hair removal is applied directly from the precision tip tube onto clean dry skin. After 3 minutes you remove the cream with a warm face cloth, then just gently pat the area dry with a towel and apply the moisturiser. Simple!

My lip looked slightly red straight after I used this lip kit but luckily I did it before going to bed, by the time I woke in the morning the redness had gone and my upper lip was very smooth to touch.

Overall I’m really impressed with this method of hair removal and the affordability of Nair products. I would repurchase – although this lip kit will last me sometime as you get a really good amount of product. These kits usually retail at £5.55 but are currently on offer at Boots for just £3.70.

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Vicky xx

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